I personally guarantee that your pet will be handled with the utmost care!

My Story

My name is Catherine DeConcini and I am the proud owner and Professionally Certified Groomer of Bubbles Mobile Pet Grooming. My husband, David DeConcini, and I opened our mobile salon over 15 years ago. Having our own business has been a lifelong dream. The forever love of animals along with having Schnauzers in our lives for over 30 years, drew us to start our own business. We both believe that dogs are family members and should be treated as such.

David has since retired but will still join me and work with me when grooming larger breeds of dogs. Over the years, being able to have one-on-one interactions with dogs as groomers has taught us the best way to patiently work with and handle all types of dogs. A typical week will consist of young pups, elderly pups, pups that get upset and scared easily, and sometimes temperamental or just plain stubborn pups. I am also aware of the signs of pups that have had a bad grooming experience in the past and for this reason, are just more scared of the process.

Me and my Boy Smokey

dog sitting on a chair

Penny our Rescue Schnauzer

My philosophy is to be patient and slow when necessary to keep the stress level down for them. I want to make their grooming experience pleasant and enjoyable. I always block off two hours for each grooming session knowing there might be multiple reasons that could slow the process down. I would rather take my time with a stressed dog, use a slower and quieter dryer, and not rush them through their groom just to get to the next appointment. It always makes me feel good when I can finish grooming and see that my client has a happy wiggling tail and is a fresh and clean pup!

If at any point during the grooming process I feel a dog needs to be muzzled for the safety of myself and/or themself (this does not happen too often), I will stop what I am doing and check with you first. If we had not already discussed this, I strongly believe it is your place as the dog’s owner to make this decision. If I run into something such as bad matts that we did not discuss before the grooming session, I also will stop and give you a quick call to make sure you are okay with a little bit shorter haircut if necessary.

David & Me at “Bark Ball”-Humane Rescue Alliance

You can always feel 100% assured in knowing I am always looking out for the best interests of your furry companion. I believe every groom deserves a fresh clean environment and for that reason, I will sterilize my tools and tub before each grooming session. You can rest assured knowing your pup is safe and in a clean healthy environment.

I guarantee that I, as the owner of Bubbles Mobile Pet Grooming, will always provide a stress-free, healthy environment with one-on-one attention for your loved pup. As a fully trained groomer, I always strive to earn your trust and to deliver you the best possible service.

Our Schnauzer Pups

Benefits of Bubbles Mobile Pet Grooming


No travel time to and from the grooming salon. I come to you and your dog is just paw steps away from your front door.


Your dog will have one-on-one interaction with me from the minute I arrive until I am done. This will help build the bond and trust between your dog and me, as the sole groomer.


Your dog will be able to look outside and see familiar surroundings as he or she is being groomed.


Your dog will not have to listen to other dogs barking because of stress waiting in cages.


Your dog is never unattended waiting in a cage or being dried in a cage that other dogs have been in.


My Mobile Van will always be a calming and relaxing atmosphere to help make your dog’s grooming session as relaxing and stress free as is possible.


Specific requests for your dog won’t get lost as they could in the shuffle of dogs at a salon.


I sanitize all grooming tools in between grooms and make sure my van and tub are clean for each grooming session.


No car rides or waiting time will mean your dog is groomed in 1 ½ to 2 hours.

If you are ready to learn more and possibly set up a grooming appointment for your furry friend.

Service Area

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