How Often Should My Pet Be Groomed?
It is best to schedule your dog to be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks. Especially for dogs whose hair can become matted which is painful and uncomfortable for any dog.
When Should My Puppy Start Being Groomed?
When a puppy is two months old is best. This way they get used to the groomer and grooming experience.
How Long Does A Grooming Session Last?
I always block off 2 hours for each session. If your dog does not react well to certain dryer, I will use the Fluff drier which takes longer. Matts can also take some time to handle.
Do You Need To Plug Into My Electrical Outlet Or Use My Water?
No, my van is all self-contained. You can learn more if you go to My Story page and take a tour of my Van.
Can I Be There While You Groom My Pet?

It is too stressful for pets when their owner is present. I would be more than happy to show you the inside of my van before the grooming session to make you feel more comfortable about the process.

I Have A Special Needs Pet—Is That A Problem?

No, I have been taking care of blind, deaf & geriatric dogs with no problems. I take my time to keep them comfortable. I also have adjustable slings to help a dog to stand when needed.

My Dog Is Really Matted—What Can You Do For Him?

Matts happen when the hair gets twisted and knotted up so tight—imagine twisting strands of your hair until they are pulling the skin—it hurts! When a dog’s hair gets matted, it is very difficult and more importantly painful to the dog to brush out. For this reason, I will not brush out matts. If possible I can slowly work on matts cutting and combing out with certain tools in order to prevent having to completely shave the coat off. In extreme cases, dogs do need to be shaved down but I would never do this without consulting the owner first and having them understand and agree to this.

My Dog Has Gotten So Scared When Groomed. How Can You Help?

I hold the dog until they stop shaking, talk to them, stroke them for them to start to trust me. I then will handle them with care going slow and staying calm to provide relaxing surroundings. I do also find that calming spa music aids the dog to be calmed.

Do I Have To Be Home For You To Groom My Pet?

No, I have numerous clients that provide access to keys and garage door openers.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

You can either fill out the form on my site and I will call you back, or you can text or call me. If I do not answer, I am most likely in the middle of grooming a dog so you can leave a message with breed of dog, and location. I return all calls when I am back in my office that day.

Is Your Pet Ready For Their Grooming Session?

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